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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-03, 12 years ago.

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Santa Margarita? - 10 years ago

So, I called and she said there weren't any I could view. She says "there's no like temp tour home"... I was like I know I just wanted to view an empty home lol She said I need to go to some other off...

SEARS!!! redo - 10 years ago

Saturday at 1pm? Kind of an odd time. I don't have internet on my phone and doubt I'll be at home. *Shrug*

Santa Margarita? - 10 years ago

[i]Isn't all handled through the main office as to which housing you get placed in? You only go to your district office once you are ready to move in and there after.  [/i] Ah, okay. I wasn't sure...

Santa Margarita? - 10 years ago

Hm, I emailed housing and got this reply: Both of the those communities have availability - unfortunately though Wire Mountain III is not available to you since you do not have children, but Santa M...

Juice recipies - 10 years ago

Ginger is sold everywhere there's produce lol So yes, the commissary. I found tons of recipes just googling "juicing recipes"

ADAM - 10 years ago

[i]Abide by the rules and life is good.[/i] ...what rules?

What the.... - 10 years ago

Totally weird

Test out PU Live! - 10 years ago

Not a fan!

PROPOSAL: Remove Green Chick as moderator - 10 years ago

Yeah, rules are fine but they need to be clearly laid out, set in stone, rules. Not ones Kara just makes up on the spot.

Holy Mother of All Power Trips - 10 years ago

She's probably sitting at her computer, laughing. I don't see why could make her do this other than for her own sick humour.

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