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I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-28, 12 years ago.

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Anyone good with economics? - 9 years ago

I have to find total variable costs on a chart with out computations and can't figure it out. I have looked through my book and googled it to see if i can figure out how but no luck. Anyone good with ...

2 missing puppies in south Mesa - 9 years ago

Did you have collars on them or are they mircochipped? If not i would put up signs so who ever found them can find you.

2 missing puppies in south Mesa - 9 years ago

I hope you find them but i agree with Harlequin that you should be more responsible with them. If they are only 1 lb each they should not be left outside unattended.

looking for text books - 9 years ago

check websites where you can rent. like or I find alot of books cheap by going to google then click on shopping and put in the isbn number.

Re home our dog - 9 years ago

I hate when i see these kind of posts. I love my dog like he was a real human. He is a lab/pit mix and before we bought our house we would do anything to find a place to take him. If your so lazy that...

POLL: Are you playing the Mega Millions - 9 years ago

We won 13 dollars. I told my husband we had a winner. I just expected it to be the whole 460 million haha.

POLL: How do you bathe your dog? - 9 years ago

I was my dog in the tub. We wash hime about once a month. Any more then that and his skin is dry. But he isn't a stinky dogs (like some dogs smell like stinky dog just a week after a bath). So he if h...

wine - 9 years ago

If you want sweeter then moscato get moscato de atsi. i have found really good ones at trader joes and at world market.

DR would rather shut down his clinics then offer birth control to female emplyees - 9 years ago

He isn't saying they can't take birth control, he just doesn't wanna pay for it. I honestly don't see a problem with him having a problem paying for their birth control. That seems like the government...

DR would rather shut down his clinics then offer birth control to female emplyees - 9 years ago

I think that mandate is stupid. I don't see why an employer should have to have a plan that covers birth control. I can also see why someone would be against it. Catholics do not believe in contracept...

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